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Department of Chemistry

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The Department of Chemistry, established in July, 2015, is one of the eight founding departments of this College. The Department began with one Assistant Professor to conduct classes for the undergraduate programme and today it has four distinguished full time faculty members, studied and trained at renowned Institutes in India. At present, the department offers General Elective courses for Undergraduate Honours students and Core courses for Undergraduate Program students, but aims to start Core courses for Honours students also in near future. The department has a well-equipped Laboratory for students for their comprehensive practical exposure at regular intervals.


Sl. No Name Designation Qualification E-Mail View Profile
1 Dr. Mithun Sarkar Assistant Professor & Head, Dept. of Chemistry M.Sc., Ph.D
2 Md. Sattar Ali Assistant Professor M.Sc.
3 Dr. Nazia Kausar Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D
4 Dr. Anikul Islam Assistant Professor M.Sc., Ph.D

Previous Questions

Sl.No. Date Title Download
107 Jul 2021Chemistry Program 5th Semester Exam-2020Download
207 Jul 2021Chemistry Program 3rd Year Exam-2020Download
307 Jul 2021Chemistry Program 2nd Semester Exam-2020Download
407 Jul 2021Chemistry General Elective 2nd Semester Exam-2020 Chem(H)-GE-T-2Download
507 Jul 2021Chemistry Program 3rd Semester Exam-2020Download
607 Jul 2021Chemistry Program 3rd Semester Exam-2019Download
707 Jul 2021Chemistry Honours 3rd Semester Exam-2020Download
807 Jul 2021Chemistry_ Honours_ 3rd Semester Exam-2020 Chem H CC T-07Download
907 Jul 2021Chemistry General Elective 3rd Semester Exam-2020Download
1007 Jul 2021Chemistry Program 4th Semester Exam-2020 Skill Enhancement Course (SEC)Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
107 Jul 2021Routine 2020-21 Part BDownload
207 Jul 2021Routine 2020-21 Part ADownload
307 Jul 2021Routine 2019-20 (July-2019 to Dec-2019)Download
407 Jul 2021Routine 2019-20 (January-2020 to June-2020)Download
507 Jul 2021Routine 2018-19 (July-2018 to Dec-2018)Download
607 Jul 2021Routine 2018-19 (January-2019 to June-2019)Download
707 Jul 2021Routine 2015-16Download
807 Jul 2021Routine 2017-18Download
907 Jul 2021Routine 16-17Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
108 Jul 2021Chemistry Hons & Prog CBCS syallabi-Final Kalyani UniversityDownload

Study Materials

Sl.No. Date Title Download
107 Jul 2021Phase EquilibriumDownload
207 Jul 2021ColloidesDownload
307 Jul 2021Catalyst And CatalysisDownload
407 Jul 2021AdsorptionDownload
507 Jul 2021PolymerDownload
607 Jul 2021Coordination Compound - 1Download
707 Jul 2021ThermodynamicsDownload
807 Jul 2021Summary -ThermodynamicsDownload
907 Jul 2021Sem 3 Organic Chem Chapter 4Download
1007 Jul 2021Sem 3 Org Chem Chapter 1,2,3Download
1107 Jul 2021Sem 3 Carbonyl Chap-5Download
1207 Jul 2021Solid State Of MatterDownload
1307 Jul 2021CrystallographyDownload
1407 Jul 2021Surface Tension & ViscosityDownload
1507 Jul 2021Kinetic Theory Of Gases And Real GasesDownload
1607 Jul 2021Chemical KineticsDownload
1707 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 1Download
1807 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 13Download
1907 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 12Download
2007 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 11Download
2107 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 10Download
2207 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 9Download
2307 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 8Download
2407 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 7Download
2507 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 6Download
2607 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 5Download
2707 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 4Download
2807 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 3Download
2907 Jul 2021Chemical Bond 2Download
3007 Jul 2021Introductory Quantum MechanicsDownload
3107 Jul 2021Introductory Quantum MechanicsDownload
3207 Jul 2021Stereochemistry 3 RS NomenclatureDownload
3307 Jul 2021Stereochemistry 2Download
3407 Jul 2021Stereochemistry 1Download
3507 Jul 2021Redox ReactionsDownload
3607 Jul 2021Substitution Elimination RxnDownload
3707 Jul 2021SN1 SN2 Short NoteDownload
3807 Jul 2021Nucleophilic Substitution ReactionDownload
3907 Jul 2021Elimination Reactions E1 E2Download
4007 Jul 2021Fundamentals Of Organic Chemistry NotesDownload
4107 Jul 2021Fundamentals Of Organic ChemistryDownload
4207 Jul 2021Share পর্যায় সারণী প্রশ্ন-উত্তরDownload
4307 Jul 2021Chemical PeriodicityDownload
4407 Jul 2021Polar Plot Of Pz OrbitalDownload
4507 Jul 2021Polar Plot Of Py OrbitalDownload
4607 Jul 2021Polar Plot Of Px OrbitalDownload
4707 Jul 2021Polar Plot Of Dz2 OrbitalDownload
4807 Jul 2021Polar Plot Of Dx2 Y2 OrbitalDownload
4907 Jul 2021Polar Cordinate Video RepresenationDownload
5007 Jul 2021Difference Between Permittivity And PermeabilityDownload
5107 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 10 Schrodinger EquationDownload
5207 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 9 Wave EquationDownload
5307 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 8Download
5407 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 7Download
5507 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 6Download
5607 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 5Download
5707 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 4Download
5807 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 3Download
5907 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 2Download
6007 Jul 2021Atomic Structure 1Download
6107 Jul 2021Alkane Alkene AlkyneDownload
6207 Jul 2021Acids & Bases 1Download
6304 Apr 2020AdsorptionDownload
6404 Apr 2020Phase-EquilibriumDownload
6504 Apr 2020ColloidesDownload
6604 Apr 2020Chemistry_Doc-1Download