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The journey of the Physiology department has been started since the beginning of our college in 2015. Our college offers physiology in Honours and Program courses. Along this five years and counting journey, we have successfully incorporated CHOICE BASED CREDIT SYSTEM (CBCS) to the degree courses. And successful students of our first two batch have achieved their goal very well in higher studies and jobs. Although we are still evolving from our experiences and doing our best to share quality of knowledge and skills to our students. The department is well organized with laboratory equipment, departmental library with access to books and a smart classroom as well.


Sl. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Sri Krishnendu Dalui Assistant Professor and Head M. Sc.
2 Dr. Partha Pratim Nath Assistant Professor M. Sc., Ph.D.


Department of Physiology in association with department of Botany, Zoology and Chemistry organized one day state level seminar on “Biological Sciences in the new Era: Current progress and challenges ahead” on 30th January, 2020. Prof. (Dr.) Krishna Roy, Principal & Professor in Physiology, Sister Nibedita Govt. General Degree College for Girls and Dr. Neera Sen Sarkar, Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, University of Kalyani were the Invited speakers for this seminar.

Department of Physiology organizes frequent student seminar for each semester to facilitate student activities. The student of our department experiences field study compulsorily once in a course.


2018 02 02 01 One student join West Bengal Police service
2019 03 03 03 One of them secure rank within University top 10 03 One student join Indian Postal service
2020 07 07 06 02 Two students join private job


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Previous Questions

Sl.No. Date Title Download
108 Jul 2021Physiology - VIII (H)Download
208 Jul 2021Physiology - VII (H)Download
308 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol-H-GE-T-1Download
408 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol-H-CC-T-07Download
508 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol-H-CC-T-06Download
608 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol-H-CC-T-05Download
708 Jul 2021Physiology - PHYSIOL-H-CC-T-03Download
808 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol-H-CC-P-07Download
908 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol-H-CC-P-6Download
1008 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol-H-CC-P-5Download
1108 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(H)SEC-T-2 (1)Download
1208 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(H)GE-T-4 (1)Download
1308 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(H)-GE-T-02Download
1408 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(H)-CC-T-10 (1)Download
1508 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(H)-CC-T-9 (2)Download
1608 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(H)-CC-T-8 (1)Download
1708 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(H)CC-T-04Download
1808 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(G)-SEC-T-2(A,B)Download
1908 Jul 2021Physiology - Physiol(G)-CC-T-4Download
2008 Jul 2021Physiology - Phyp-CCG-T-02-OSDownload
2108 Jul 2021Physiology - Phyp-CCG-T-02-NSDownload
2208 Jul 2021Physiology - Phyh-GE-P-02 (1)Download
2308 Jul 2021Physiology - Phyh-CC-P-04Download
2408 Jul 2021Physiology - Phyh-CC-P-03Download
2508 Jul 2021Physiology - IX (H) (1)Download
2608 Jul 2021Physiology - IV (G) (1)Download
2708 Jul 2021PHYSIOL(H)-DSE-P2-PRDownload
2808 Jul 2021PHYSIOL(H)-DSE-1-PRDownload
2908 Jul 2021PHYH-GE-T-02 SupplementaryDownload
3008 Jul 2021PHYG DSE- P-1Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
108 Jul 2021Routine 2020-21 Part BDownload
208 Jul 2021Routine 2020-21 Part ADownload
308 Jul 2021Routine 2019-20 (July-2019 to Dec-2019)Download
408 Jul 2021Routine_2019-20 (January-2020 to June-2020)Download
508 Jul 2021Routine_2018-19 (July-2018 to Dec-2018)Download
608 Jul 2021Routine 2018-19 (January-2019 to June-2019)Download
708 Jul 2021Routine 2015-16Download
808 Jul 2021Routine 2017-18Download
908 Jul 2021Routine 16-17Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
108 Jul 2021Physiology-General Syallabi-KU-2018Download
208 Jul 2021Physiology Hons CBCS Syallabi-KU_2018Download

Study Materials

Sl.No. Date Title Download
105 May 2020CCT9.3-Digestion-MCQsDownload
205 May 2020CCT9.2.1Enterohepatic-CirculationDownload
305 May 2020CCT8.5-Amino-Acid-metabolismDownload
405 May 2020CCT8.4-Whole-Body-Lipid-metabolismDownload
505 May 2020CCT8.3-Phospholipid-metabolism.Download
605 May 2020CCT8.2-Fat-metabolismDownload
705 May 2020CCT8.1-Energy-metabolismDownload
805 May 2020CCT3.5.1-Clinical-Neurology-topicsDownload
905 May 2020CCT3.5.0-Clinical-Aspect-of-Nerve-and-Muscle-PhysiologyDownload
1005 May 2020CCT3.3-Control-of-muscle-contractionDownload
1105 May 2020CCT3.1-4-Musculoskeletal-Cell-BiologyDownload
1205 May 2020CCT3.1.0-Cells-of-the-Nervous-SystemDownload
1305 May 2020CCH10_SEM-IVDownload
1405 May 2020CCH8_-SEM-VIDownload
1505 May 20202_CCH4_SEM-IIDownload
1605 May 20201_CCH4_SEM-IIDownload
1705 May 2020CCT9.4-Gastrointestinal-secretionsDownload
1804 Apr 2020SEC2.1-Preparation-and-staining-of-bone-marrow-smearDownload
1904 Apr 2020Paper-IX.A.2-Importance-of-anthropometric-data-in-ergonomic-of-designing-workplaceDownload
2004 Apr 2020Paper-IX.A.1-ERGONOMICS-IN-THE-WORKPLACEDownload
2104 Apr 2020CCT9.2-Regulation-of-Gastrointestinal-FunctionDownload
2204 Apr 2020CCT9.1-Digestion-AbsorptionDownload
2304 Apr 2020CCT3.3-Ionic-Basis-of-ExcitationDownload
2404 Apr 2020CCT3.2-Electrical-Activity-of-Nerve-CellsDownload
2504 Apr 2020CCT3.1-Nerve-CellsDownload
2604 Apr 2020CCT.10.3-Respiratory-SystemDownload
2704 Apr 2020CCT.10.2-Respiratory-SystemDownload
2804 Apr 2020CCT.10.1-Respiratory-SystemDownload
2904 Apr 2020Semester-II-and-Semester-IV-UG-CBCS-in-Physiology-CoursesDownload

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