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Has the same year of inception as our college, 2015. We teach B.A. (Honours) English and B.A. Programme with English as a Language and as a Discipline Subject in combination with other subjects. We provide intensive mentoring to our students both in and beyond the classroom in a wide variety of forums. We have always emphasized on developing a modern Indian methodology for English Studies, keeping in mind the growing competitive national standards.

The overall performance of students of this Department has been consistently of a high standard. Our students continue to excel in their academic performance across college and the University. Many of our students secure University ranks at the Undergraduate level.

The Department organizes various events including online lectures, film screenings, conferences, and colloquia on interdisciplinary themes through the academic year. The Seminar Library of the Department provides useful additional study material for its students.


Sl. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Arpan Adhikary Assistant Professor M.A

Previous Questions

Sl.No. Date Title Download
119 Jul 2021ENGH DSE 3 2020Download
219 Jul 2021ENGH DSE 2 2020Download
319 Jul 2021ENGH DSE 1 2020Download
419 Jul 2021ENGH CC 12 2020Download
519 Jul 2021ENGH CC 11 2020Download
619 Jul 2021ENGH SEC 2 2020Download
719 Jul 2021ENGH CC 10 2020Download
819 Jul 2021ENGH CC 9 2020Download
919 Jul 2021ENGH CC 8 2020Download
1019 Jul 2021ENGH SEC 1 2020Download
1119 Jul 2021ENGH CC 7 2020Download
1219 Jul 2021ENGH CC 6 2020Download
1319 Jul 2021ENGH CC 5 2020Download
1419 Jul 2021ENGP CC 2 2020Download
1519 Jul 2021ENGH CC 4 2020Download
1619 Jul 2021ENGH CC 3 2020Download
1719 Jul 2021ENG GE 2 2020Download
1819 Jul 2021ENG AECC 1 2020Download
1919 Jul 2021ENGP LCC 1 2020Download
2019 Jul 2021ENGP CC 1 2020Download
2119 Jul 2021ENGP AECC 1 2020Download
2219 Jul 2021ENGH CC 2 2020Download
2319 Jul 2021ENGH CC 1 2020Download


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Sl.No. Date Title Download
119 Jul 2021ENGH CBCS HONS Syllabus 05-09-2018Download
219 Jul 2021ENGH CBCS GEN Syllabus 05-09-2018Download

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