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From the establishment in the year 2015, our department is going well, though I the earlier stage we had some limitations e.g. lack of faculties and poor library facilities but while the courses is going on our department is developed. The intake capacity of the department 25, and each year all students have passed successfully till now, we adopted various kind of teaching learning method by which we can reach our students as close to their courses, the student- teacher relation is always good, in each year we organized parent- teacher meeting that we can close to their problem and try to solve their problem according to their need. Hope our student will success in near future.


Sl. No Name Designation Qualification
1 Sujit Kundu Assistant professor & HOD M.A.
2 Rakibul Islam Assistant Professor M.A, M.Phil.
3 Prabhat Kr. Das Assistant Professor M.A.


  1. Taken regular classes as per schedule (Teaching-Learning Process).
  2. Organised remedial classes for relatively slow learners & students counselling program.
  3. Conducted internal examinations for students and subsequently discussed about the mistakes committed by each individual student.
  4. Prepared notes & solved the problems.
  5. We use digital technology in teaching learning method.


Year Total Students Pass out Result Remark
2020 16 16 Five students got first class Three students are pursuing their M.A. in regular courses
2019 15 15 There students got first class Among them two students ranked in the university according to marks 4 th and 10 th & one student joind as a ANGWANWARY WORKER in 2019
2018 13 12 Two students recently have completed their master’s degree from department of history, Kalyani University and they got above 65% marks in theirM.A.course

Previous Questions

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Sl.No. Date Title Download
108 Jul 2021Routine 2Download
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Sl.No. Date Title Download
103 Jul 2021History CBCS SyllabusDownload

Study Materials

Sl.No. Date Title Download
105 May 2020Sem-4-Core-Course-9Download
205 May 2020Sem-2Download
305 May 2020Sem-2-Core-Course-3Download
405 May 2020MCQ-ForGE-DSC-SEM-IIDownload
505 May 2020MCQ-FOR-CC-HISTORY-SEM-IVDownload
605 May 2020MCQ-FOR-CC-HISTORY-SEM-IIDownload
705 May 2020DSC-4Download
805 May 2020Sem-4Download
904 Apr 2020History-Doc-1Download
1004 Apr 2020GE-4DSC-4Download
1104 Apr 2020GE-2DSC-2Download
1204 Apr 20204th-semcc-Unit-3Download
1304 Apr 20204th-semcc-Unit-2Download
1404 Apr 20204th-sem-GEDSC-Unit-1Download
1504 Apr 20204-th-sem.-GEDSC-Unit-1Download
1604 Apr
1704 Apr 20202nd-sem.-GE-DSC-Unit-2-Sher-ShahDownload
1804 Apr 20202nd-sem.-GE,DSC-unit-2Download
1904 Apr 20202nd-semCC-4Download
2004 Apr 2020History-Doc-2Download

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